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When it comes to delivery, packaging is key

Delivery is an important part of today’s restaurant business, so the right packaging is necessary to protect the quality of your food. At McCain®, we have tested several delivery packages and have some tips that can help you to give customers the same food experience they enjoy in your restaurant wherever they are.

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Did you know packaging plays a role in temperature and crispness retention?

Placing hot fries and appetizers for delivery in the right packaging will help maintain the temperature and crispness of food.

More tips for packing French fries and appetizers:

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Packaging plays a big role when it comes to temperature and crispness retention of your delivery items. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Place sandwiches and other hot items in the bag first
  • Use separate containers for fries and hot sandwiches and refrain from using Styrofoam clamshells to package fries as a way of avoiding condensation, which leaves fries soggy.
  • Use open top containers for fries and place them on top of the sandwiches or other hot items at the top of the bag with napkins between fry containers to absorb steam
  • Transport the bagged meal in an insulated delivery bag or box
  • Finally, consider setting a delivery radius, limiting the distance travelled to within a few kilometers of your restaurant to better ensure food arrives hot and fresh.

Following these simple tips will help you deliver quality food that will satisfy your customers, giving the same food experience they enjoy in your restaurant.

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