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Our Portfolio

Discover our delicious portfolio that makes up
McCain Foodservice Canada.

McCain Our Originals
McCain® Our Originals
These products are everyday favourites that are set apart by their premium quality. They likely have one or all of the following: a classic shape/cut, easy back-of-house preparation and menu versatility.
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McCain Our Chef Solutions
McCain® Our Chef Solutions
These products have additional benefits that solve operational issues to save time and effort in the kitchen. They likely have one or all of the following: a back-of-house benefit (e.g., long hold time, alternative prep) and an undetectable difference to consumers.
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McCain Our Menu Signatures
McCain® Our Menu Signatures
These products have additional benefits that differentiate your menu in the eyes of the consumer. They likely have one or all of the following: a unique shape/cut and a distinctive flavour or seasoning.
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Brew City® - Craft Your Legacy™
Brew City® offers original beer-battered appetizers that contain 100% craft beer in recipes that deliver a unique balance of flavor and crispiness. These products are for those who pour their hearts into crafting the best food.
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McCain® Desserts
Whether it’s a cake or a dessert bite, McCain® desserts are made with quality ingredients to ensure great taste without the fuss.
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McCain® Appetizers
A portfolio of classic and well-loved solutions for those balancing operational speed and creativity, McCain® appetizers are the cornerstone of a great signature dish.
Featured Products
Featured Products